Go Viral Guide

You’ve probably seen a bunch of AMAZING trends in our feed but now your wondering. How do I actually use these trends to go viral? That is exactly what this guide is going to cover.

Heres the topics you expect us to talk about

  • The logistics of viral videos
  • Performing research and using sounds
  • The importance of being relevant
  • Different video styles
  • Volume guarantees luck

We have alot of stuff to breakthrough so let’s get started!

The Logistics of Viral Videos

The first platform I personally went viral on was YouTube. Before my first video popped off, I always thought that creating a video around 1 trend would kickoff my career.

I would post 2-3 videos around a topic, saw it didnt popoff and would quit posting.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2016 that I decided to post 1 video a day everyday for 100 days. With great dicipline, I was able to get 100 videos up but none of them took off.

I was about to give up until a friend told me to hop on this specific video trend. I decided to give it a shot and started posting 1 video a day leveraging these trends.

Literally 7 days later, I remember coming back from lunch (on the first day of school) and checking my YouTube studio app. Instatly my jaw dropped. I had gotten over 250,000 views in one day.

Why did I share this story?

This story along wth a few other experiences (across other platforms) taught me one valuable lesson.

Social media is just a numbers game. You just use trends to imrpove the odds of going viral.

Alot of people use trends with the mindset that they will instantly pop off. Only to be dissapointed 2-3 videos later and quit.

You actually have a better chance of going viral by focusing on posting consistently without using trends, rather than only posting 2-3 trendy videos and quitting.

I could keep going on about this all day but well get back to this topic towards the end. Let’s now shift the focus towards planning your videos & applying trends.

Performing Research & Using Sounds

To find trending sounds, log into your account on shortvideotrends.co. Once you log in, you’ll see a list of the trending sounds for the country you have selected. (Click here to learn how we collect data).

When using sound trends, it’s important to use the original sound. Using the original sound improves the odds of your video being featured on the discover tab (the way how to reach millions with no following).


You can use our research tools function to quickly view original sounds. All you have to do is click “Tik-Tok Search ” and you’ll be able to view the original sound instantly.

Using similar spinoff sounds created from the original sound too but I personally like focusing on the original sound.

The Importance of Being Relevant

When testing out different sounds to go viral, it is important to use a sound that is relevant to what you are posting.

On top of that, it is HIGHLY recommended that you focus on video styles that are

✅ Easy to record in mass
✅ Easy to come up with ideas for
✅ Easy to edit
✅ Easy to put trending sounds over (important)

Here go a few video styles that you can copy from. These video styles fulfill the checklist above.

Volume Guaruntees Luck

As mentioned towards the beginning of this guide, social media is just a numbers game. Trends just help put the odds in your favor.

This statement is true for ALL social platforms. One statement that really helped me push through everyday is “volume guarantees luck”. This statement is true in all other areas of life and most especially works when trying to go viral online too.

Our recommended short form posting rate is 2-3 videos a day. (All platforms) Posting at this rate will make it easier to get a few viral videos each week.

Remember, all you need is 1 video to go viral (in the millions). This one video can really accelerate your social media growth

Additional Help

As a way to make it easier for our users to get content up, I created The Monetization Mastermind. I would’ve made a video course like everyone else but I don’t because courses

❌ Are too long
❌ I always procrastinated going through it
❌ They lacked the support/accountability

As a solution, I created a group where we meet once a week over zoom to discuss

✅ Ways to systemize our content creation so it’s easier to get stuff up
✅ Holds everyone accountable on posting constantly
✅ Discover new ways to monetize your audience

When it comes to going viral, the most important thing you can focus on is learning how to post consistently.

Remember, social media is just a numbers game. We ONLY use trends to better put the odds in our favor.

If you are ready to take your social media game to the next level, click here.