Frequently Asked Questions

Since TikTok does not have a official API for collecting trending sounds, we’ve developed a system that makes it easy to catch & track trending sounds across all countries.

Here’s how it works.

  1. First, we gather data from already popular videos on TikTok.
  2. Next, we organize this data so that we are ONLY looking at the past week.
  3. We next compare the song data of each trending post to build a leaderboard.

Using this data, we can accurately determine what sounds are trending, rising, and slowly dying off. We are ALWAYS polishing our processes to ensure that the most relevant data is being shown!

Our feeds are updated multiple times a day.

Yes, our trends work for ALL niches. For further instructions on how to use our trendng sounds to go viral, check out our FREE guide here.

Once you purchase our lifetime deal, there are no additional upsells within THIS software. We do own other sites such as but within this software, no.

Yes, these sound trends can be used to go viral on other platforms such as Instagram Reels & YT Shorts. But our trends are focused towards TikTok.

For more help on getting viral videos, checkout our step by step guide on how to get viral videos by using trending sounds.